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Qred makes financing possible for your customers

Do you do business with other entrepreneurs? Then help your customers grow and invest with Qred's flexible financing!

As a partner of Qred, you help entrepreneurs find the right financing, while benefiting and growing at the same time thanks to our
partner commission on every successful referral. Smart!
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What does a partnership with Qred mean?

A partnership with Qred offers attractive benefits for both you and your clients. You are rewarded for every entrepreneur who you help find a business loan for assets, investments and working capital. Our loans have no start-up costs or hidden fees, with same-day payout possible.

A loan from Qred can help you serve more customers. Do you provide services and/or goods to other entrepreneurs, e.g. company cars, IT management, construction materials, etc.?

Then a partnership with Qred can directly provide your customers with financing to purchase services/products. This allows you to increase your customer base, while at the same time benefiting from a Qred commission on every loan taken out: a win-win situation for you and your customers.
  • A partnership with Qred means a mutual desire to help your business move forward. I strongly recommend contacting Qred if you are interested in additional income.
    Jarno Paananen
  • Business marketing often requires a significant investment before any results are achieved. Our partnership with Qred helps our clients spread the cost of this investment over several months, making it easier to use our services. This way, we achieve more results and we can react faster.
    Eero Peurala

Get started right away!

Becoming a Qred partner is as easy and quick as applying for a Qred business loan. Contact our Partners Manager for more information on the attractive benefits for you and your customers.

Jeroen Houwink

Partnerships Manager

Benefits of a Qred partnership:

  • Less friction, more opportunities to sell products/services.
  • Ability to serve more customers.
  • Additional growth opportunities in competitive market.
  • Commission on each accepted referral.
  • Qred bears financial risk of lending.

Who can become a partner

  • Company brokers and intermediaries
  • Retailers and suppliers
  • Accounting and auditing firms
  • Business advisers and consultants
  • Debt collection, credit and finance companies
  • Programming and IT providers

Get started

Get started

How do you want to unboard your customers?

We offer partners two ways of onboarding customers into Qred:
Application form

Add the script of the Qred widget to your website. You can also customise the widget with your own logo and branding.
An onboarding application form is automatically created for you.
Integrate your software with the Qred API.
Our API integration allows your applications to communicate with our system, making it extra easy to transfer customer details to us.

Do you need extra help?

Landing pages
We can also create and host a special landing page for you, where your customers can apply via a customised application form.
Partner portal
Access our partner portal to sign up customers directly via a web interface.

How it works

  • 1. Register your company
    Please provide these details and apply - we promise to get back to you soon with an answer on how to proceed!
  • 2. Start sending leads
    It is easy and smooth to send potential new customers. We treat your contacts fairly, with professionalism and politeness.
  • 3. Direct payment
    You receive a commission for every referral that leads to a loan. We guarantee a quick payment.

Get started

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of a partnership with Qred?

As a partner of Qred, you benefit from a commission per successful referral (accepted loan). Do you supply services and/or goods to other entrepreneurs, for example company cars, IT management, building materials, etc.? Then a partnership with Qred can provide your customers with direct financing to buy services/products. This gives you the opportunity to expand your customer base, while at the same time benefiting from an attractive Qred commission on each concluded loan: a win-win situation for Qred partners!

Benefits of a partnership with Qred:

  • Commission on each accepted referral 
  • Ability to serve more customers
  • Opportunity to sell more products/services
  • Additional growth opportunities in competitive market 
  • Qred bears financial risk of lending 

How does a partnership with Qred work?

A partnership with Qred gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to receive an attractive bonus per successful referral. The concept is simple and straightforward. Do you know an entrepreneur looking for a business loan? Then you can refer the entrepreneur to Qred for a no-obligation application. Does your contact then take out a loan with Qred? Then you will receive a direct commission. This partner referral program gives you the opportunity to receive financial bonuses while directly providing your contacts with flexible financing to invest, innovate and grow.

Qred likes to think along with you about how we can best serve your customers, business relations and/or acquaintances. For example, we have the option of adapting the structure of a partnership to the specific wishes of an entrepreneur. From leasing companies to financial advisers: our partners can be found in all industries and sectors. From small start-ups to large companies: every ambitious entrepreneur can become a partner of Qred.

Applying to become a partner of Qred is non-binding and free of charge, so register your interest today and press the button 'Become a partner', found on our online partner page.

How do I become a partner of Qred?

Would you like to become a partner of Qred? Signing up as a new partner is simple, quick and easy. You can apply for partnership through our Partners page by clicking the Become a Partner of Qred button. Then enter your contact and company information to complete the application. Our team will be in touch soon to further discuss/confirm the partnership application.