What does a business loan from Qred cost?

Qred does not use a standard rate, but evaluates each business loan application on an individual basis. Our team makes an overall credit assessment of whether a business owner is able to meet future payments, and we look at whether the amount borrowed is commensurate with the size and turnover of the business.

With Qred, you pay a fixed price each month for a business loan of €1000 to €200,000. This price consists of two parts: a fixed monthly fee for using the loan (user fee), plus a fixed monthly repayment on the outstanding loan amount (amortization). Add the two amounts together and you have your total monthly amount. The amount you pay in monthly user fees and amortization is calculated based on the loan amount, the loan term, a company's credit score and other factors.

Why a fixed price for a business loan?

We prefer a fixed monthly price, because this way you as a business owner know exactly what will be debited each month. As a result, you never have to worry about complicated interest rates or a sudden increase in your monthly charges. With Qred, the monthly amount remains the same throughout the term of your business loan (unless you apply for a loan increase in the interim and want to borrow additional credit).